Enhance Your Direct Mailers

Bring together the sensorial experience of any print material and the wonders of digital technology. All these through a single consumer touchpoint.

By letting customers use their mobile devices to interact and get information with your direct mail, in-store posters, print ads or any other printed material via videos and animations, you empower your customers to experience your brand on a whole new dimension, one that straddles the digital and physical world.

Study quantitative results of your customer experiences post-campaign and create better campaigns for the future. That is the magic of merging direct mail and digital technology.

Enhance Interactivity

Empower your customers to experience your brand in a new way through the ability to interact and get information via animations and videos.

Encourage Social Sharing

AR content can be easily shared across any social platforms, increasing the mileage of your direct mailer.

Improve campaign planning

Keep abreast of your customer experiences through post-campaign data and create better campaigns for the future.

Fuss-free Implementation

We handle the augmented reality (AR) content development so you can focus on building your campaigns without any worries.

Targeted Reach

Our white label solution helps to pull your audience through a targeted mobile app to create success for your marketing campaign. (optional)


Marketing Solutions

We offer both customized white label or pay-as-you-use solutions to fit your marketing budget and objectives. Create lasting impressions today.